Ice fishing season is just around the corner! Sure, you can drive out to a lake for some ice fishing on the Kenai Peninsula, but have you ever done a fly-in only ice fishing trip and experienced the solitude of Alaska in winter? River Rock Lodge provides outstanding service to anglers who want to experience fly-out ice fishing on the Kenai Peninsula with an expert guide, all the gear you need, and perfect lodging on the banks of the famous Kenai River. Fish taste better when it is pulled from a hole in the ice – book your winter ice fishing trip today!

From $350/person

February-April 2020


1 – person: 2 nights lodging + 1/2 day fly-out ice fishing $499
2 – person: 2 nights lodging + 1/2 day fly-out ice fishing $375/person
3 – person:  2 nights lodging + 1/2 day fly-out ice fishing $350/person

2 nights  lodging+ 1/2 Day Ice Fishing Trip

Enjoy cold days and warm stays at River Rock Lodge when you book our Ice Fishing Package! Spend two nights at the Lodge on the banks of the Kenai and take a 1/2 day fly-out ice fishing trip to a secluded lake for remote Kenai Peninsula ice fishing. You’ll head north on your fly-out trip with your guide and host Jeremy Mastre to your hand-picked ice fishing destination with pre-drilled holes and all the gear you’ll need. Your trip includes:


  • Full fishing equipment
  • Warm accommodations at River Rock Lodge
  • Private flight to ice fishing spot
  • Fish processing
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Licensed guide

Experience the best Alaskan ice fishing

Fly out this winter for a one-of-a-kind ice fishing adventure!

Enjoy cold days and warm stays this winter!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is ice fishing safe?

    Ice fishing is a safe and fun winter activity that you can enjoy with family and friends of any age. When you book a River Rock Lodge Ice Fishing Package, you’ll go with an expert guide who has years of experience on Alaska’s lakes and who monitors ice thickness and conditions daily. Your guide will also give a full safety briefing you before you head out on the ice.

    What are the ice fishing basics?

    Here is some basic information to help you have fun and successful time on the ice.


    Get Your Gear Ready
    If you are new to ice fishing or just don’t want to worry about carrying your fishing gear on your trip, we’ve got your covered. Our Ice Fishing package includes all the gear that you need.


    Safety First
    Be sure to bring a cellphone or a whistle with you in case you need to call for help.


    At River Rock Lodge, we provide you with a licensed guide who will show you all the basics of ice fishing and will help ensure that you ice fishing adventure is a success. All you need to do is have fun!

    What types of fish can you catch when ice fishing?

    You can catch arctic grayling, rainbow trout, or arctic char on an ice fishing trip in the Alaska. With our Ice Fishing Package, you’ll have a great chance of catching a beast in the winter!

    Do I need a fishing license for ice fishing?

    Yes, all anglers age 16 and up require a fishing license to fish on the Kenai Peninsula. You”ll need a current year’s sport fishing license in your possession while sport fishing, including while ice fishing.

    What should I wear when ice fishing?

    It’s important to be prepared before you go on an ice fishing trip. Make sure that you are dressed for the weather, as it can be a fairly cold activity! Wear warm clothing, a pair of warm gloves, and a good pair of waterproof winter boots.

    Do you provide a guide for ice fishing?

    Yes, we will provide you with a local, licensed guide who knows the best ice fishing locations in the Kenai Peninsula and will teach you the ice fishing basics.


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