Come to River Rock Lodge and discover why shed antler hunting is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in America! Join your host Jeremy Mastre in a private plane above the rugged Kenai Peninsula wilderness and scour the terrain for shed moose antlers. You’ll fly over prime moose habitat, learning from Jeremy exactly what to look for. Once you find antlers, you’ll mark it on the GPS, locate the nearest landing spot, swoop down, and hike in to retrieve your antler prize. Finders keepers!

2 nights  lodging+ moose shed hunting trip

Search for shed moose antlers from high above the untouched wilderness of the Kenai Peninsula. Enjoy a comfortable one-hour* private plane ride to search for shed moose antlers, and once you find one, get ready for a rugged hike to pick up your newest keepsake – an unforgettable treasure hunt paired with two nights of luxury cabin lodging on the Kenai. 


From $350/person

February-April 2020


1 – person (under 210 lbs) $350 for first hour ($150 an hour after) flight time
2 – person $450 for first hour ($200 an hour after) flight time
3 – person  $550 for first hour ($200 an hour after) flight time
*All trips are billed on the Hobbs meter (hour meter in plane)


Spend the day searching for a unique piece of Alaskana. Be amazed at what you will see, and the best part is, you get to keep any antlers you find!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shed hunting?

Shed hunting is hunting for antlers that have naturally fallen off moose, caribou, deer, and elk. Most visitors to the Kenai Peninsula are looking for moose sheds, though caribou sheds are equally fun to spot!

Is shed hunting legal?

Shed hunting is a totally legal pastime, though antler hunters should always be ethical when out in the field.

Why do people hunt for shed antlers?

Some hunt for shed antlers as a hobby, while others hunt them with the intent to sell what they find. In some environments, deer and big game hunters study animal behavior by finding their prey’s shed antlers to create a hunting strategy for the next season. Most shed hunters coming to River Rock Lodge are searching for sheds solely for fun and for a piece of unique Alaskana.

When is the best time to go shed hunting?

Spring is one of the best times for moose and caribou shed hunting in Alaska. Shed hunting trips are popular at River Rock Lodge, so plan ahead and book your shed hunting trip for April or May as soon as you can!

Can you sell moose or caribou antler sheds?

Selling shed antlers is legal in most states, including Alaska. Some states do have strict regulations against the sale of antlers attached to skulls, however.

What do you need to bring when going shed hunting?

You’ll want a good pair of hiking boots and clothing that you won’t be scared to get a little muddy! Remember, spotting your shed is only half the battle – you’ve got to get to it! So be sure to wear clothes that can withstand a good ole Alaskan bushwhack!


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